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Feedback: “I’ve know I was asexual since I was 12, and I felt broken. Till this day I still know, but I reject it…”

anonymous said:

Hello! I’m Pangrayromantic and asexual. I feel so weird just admiting this, I’ve know I was asexual since I was 12, and I felt broken. Till this day I still know, but I reject it, mostly because the world has what I don’t have and I feel like I have to catch up. I feel like my asexuality dosnt fit in and it isn’t important, but this is mostly because I lack a sexuality lol. But it’s amazing to see another African American , who’s in the asexual and pan community!

hi! sorry for taking so long to respond to your message. i hope you’re doing well, in spite of recent events…

i’m sorry to hear that you’ve struggled with (and continue to struggle with) your (a)sexuality for so long. while i personally do not view my asexuality as being a lack of sexuality, i can still imagine how tough it is to feel like others have something you don’t, feeling a need to “catch up” to them.

hearing that, i automatically feel a need to offer at least vague words of encouragement and validation to try and reassure you that there is no need to fit in because you’re perfect just the way you are– asexuality and all– but at the same time i understand that not everyone is proud of or embraces asexuality for themself– and that’s okay. there’s nothing wrong with rejecting it, if that’s how you feel, because however you feel is valid.

all that aside, as a fellow African American pan ace, it really is a pleasure to meet you. thanks for reaching out. i’d like to think that there are far more of us out there than one would think, but it will never stop being awesome to meet someone who shares multiple intersections with me.

これからもよろしくね。 let’s keep in touch. 🙂

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