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Feedback: “anon who asked abt alternatives to neutrois – your answer was helpful!”

anonymous said:

anon who asked abt alternatives to neutrois – your answer was helpful! i haven’t seen much discussion abt neutrois as a term, so it’s good to know i’m at least not the only person who feels this way.

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thanks for coming back and responding. 🙂 indeed, despite the lack of talk about neutrois these days, you’re most definitely not alone. i’m sorry that months later, i still don’t have an alternative to neutrois to suggest to you, though…

as i mentioned in a recent ask, i feel like even though there are people who do use ‘agender’ to mean ‘a complete lack of gender’ (ie. genderlessness), at the same time there are a lot of people who use ‘agender’ to mean something else, including ‘gender neutral’ (ie. not genderless, but rather a gender that is itself neutral). this may be nothing more than a faulty assumption on my part as someone who is neither gender neutral nor genderless themself, but i’d venture a guess that there’s probably no shortage of people who ultimately identify as agender even though “agender” being used in very different ways may not sit entirely well with them…

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