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QAC 57 – Depression and Anxiety, meet Antidepressants | Sertraline | Mental Health

for over 15 years i’ve struggled with Depression and Anxiety without therapy or medical intervention for numerous reasons, but having had Depression and Anxiety mop the floor with my ass for the past several months, i’ve finally bitten the bullet and sought out help in the form of antidepressants.

in this video, i talk about my recent bout with depression and anxiety, my first psychiatric appointment and my first week on antidepressants.

don’t want to watch the whole thing? don’t blame you, i’m longwinded as fuck. here are some jump points:

?00:31 – deteriorating mental health
?06:16 – first psychiatric appointment
?11:03 – antidepressants: the bad
?16:42 – antidepressants: the good

…so this happened.

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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