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Q&A not Q&A: “i know you probably don’t care much abt the latest wave of “”discourse””…”

anonymous said:

i know you probably don’t care much abt the latest wave of “”discourse,”” especially not something that was done to be deliberately petty/to get attention, but. just to catch you up while you’ve been busy, at one point, ppl who want to exclude us tried to redesign the ace and aro flags. shit’s gotten /that/ ridiculous.

this ask is 2 months old and i have not been paying any attention to ‘discourse’, so who knows what’s happening now because i sure as hell don’t. i will say, though. that i’m not surprised to hear that at one point that happened. to me, shit’s always been /that/ ridiculous…

to anyone being negatively affected by ‘discourse’ on this site:

please be sure to take a break from Tumblr when you need to. please take care of yourself and don’t let this site’s negativity consume you. log out every once in a while– even temporarily uninstall the Tumblr app off your phone and block the site on your computer. spend some time catching up on a good book, game or Netflix series; take a walk and revel in the fact that whatever trolls happen to be wasting their time doing, in that moment you are entirely beyond their reach. extend that moment for as long as you’d like– take up a new hobby, start a project, fix the chain on your bike,

finally finish something you’ve been meaning to do,


Tumblr can be overwhelming, but remind yourself of the positivity that exists both on and off Tumblr and how what happens on Tumblr isn’t exemplary of LGBTQIA communities at large. hell, the trolls themselves really are relatively few in number compared to those who are supportive of people like you and me; trolls just happen to be loud– as cries for attention often are.

but most importantly, remember that you’re never, ever alone.
lots of people have your back. <3

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