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Q&A: “have you/would you ever made a vlog where you speak japanese?”

anonymous said:

have you/would you ever made a vlog where you speak japanese? i’m a japanese learner and aside from all of your other vlogs which are of personal interest to me, i thought it would be really cool to hear you speak japanese! (of course you’re not obligated to if you don’t want to ^^) also, do you have any tips on learning? i studied a bit in school but now i’m entirely self-studying and i feel like i’m hitting a plateau

first off, thanks for watching my vlogs and sorry for taking so long to respond to your ask.

re: speaking Japanese in a future video

i haven’t spoken Japanese in any of my videos to date and haven’t really given any thought to speaking Japanese in my vlogs since i know that 99% of my channel’s viewership doesn’t speak Japanese and may not be particularly interested in Japan anyway…

that said, i have been thinking about inviting other people to be in videos with me and if that person happens to only speak Japanese (or feels most comfortable speaking in Japanese), then the video would probably be mostly in Japanese with English captions. i’m not opposed to doing videos in Japanese if there’s interest in such videos, although i must point out that my 間違いだらけのJapanese ought to be treated as entertaining at most and not something to actually learn from.

re: as for studying tips,

i’m a big fan of supplementing traditional study methods with ‘extracurricular’ ones. how about making it a part of your daily routine to consume as much Japanese as you can? use YouTube, ニコニコ動画, subscribe to the RSS feeds of Japanese blogs, install the app of a popular Japanese newspaper on your phone, find free books or (raw) manga scans online– whatever floats your boat. make word lists showing the word’s usage in context, review them regularly, transcribe or even just copy things written in Japanese by hand to practice writing, etc. for output practice, perhaps try using Twitter as a sort of 日記 or even just a place to throw random shit in Japanese out into the world, outside of your own head.

i find that if i incorporate things that are relevant or of interest to me, there’s no limit to how far i could go continuing to learn the language.

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