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#DoTell Podcast: QueerAsCat (Interview)

nearly a year ago i sat down for an interview with the amazing Dandy of @dotellpodcast​, a podcast that was created to make a safe space for queer people of color to tell their stories. each week a new episode featuring someone’s intensely personal story is released and this week’s episode is mine.

while i certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any one of the other episodes of the #DoTell Podcast, especially to fellow QPOC looking to hear the stories of other QPOC, i can’t help but feel obligated to forewarn you that my episode is fifty-some-odd minutes of me quite literally spilling my guts to the world… and i absolutely will not be offended if you find my guts to be uninteresting and would prefer to tippy-toe through it.

as such, here are few jump points?

00:00 ~ introduction
03:34 ~ how i ended up in Japan
05:01 ~ dysfunctional family / childhood stuff
12:21 ~ religiooooon– screaming.
17:48 ~ 9 years of toxic relationship shit later– SURPRISE! multiple gender attraction, asexuality and non-binary genders are a thing!
28:25 ~ me: i’m never coming o–
42:31 ~ why i do YouTube, what i’ve learned from it and what i’d change if i could
52:09 ~ final words

be sure to visit the #DoTell Podcast website and check out (more interesting) episodes on SoundCloud!

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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