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Q&A: “I’ve always had these feelings of just my own personal identity BEING my gender??”

lovely-sawshark said:

Ive been looking at the maverique stuff, and I think that might be my gender identity but I’m not sure?? Since I was about 12, I always thought “I don’t really have a gender. I’m just Liz. Liz is my gender.” At the time I thought this wasn’t normal and kept it to myself, and a couple of years ago I discovered the nonbinary community and jumped headfirst into the idea that I was agender. I don’t have a gender, I’m just Liz! Liz is my gender! But reading your posts makes me feel like maybe I’m a maverique?? Cuz I’ve always had these feelings of just my own personal identity BEING my gender?? Idk man, sorry for the spam


not spam at all. 🙂 if the number of asks i’ve received over at @maveriques​ expressing similar feelings are any indication, a lot of people will be able to relate to how you feel.

not all maveriques would describe their gender in this way (ie. their own personal identity being their gender). to use myself as an example, i have numerous identities that together make up who i am as a person. maverique specifically describes one facet of who i am as a person– that being my gender. i’ve never felt like i could say that Vesper is my gender or that my personal identity (singular) is my identity because i don’t have a singular personal identity to begin with and i don’t feel like all of the many facets of who i am as a person are necessarily encompassed by maverique… if that makes sense?

which isn’t to say that your gender is necessarily any different from mine. that’s one of the empowering things about gender, in my humble opinion; how different people can describe, relate to, experience the same gender in a countless number of ways because there is no one way to be that gender.

having said all that, it still is worth noting (as i did above) that a lot of people do describe their gender as a maverique person in a similar way to what you’ve said here. it’s up to you to decide what that means for you personally.

all the best.

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