Q&A: “To me I’m just a person. Is that what [maverique] is like?”

curvycutieteenybopper said:

I just found your gender identity and I think it fits me? I’m not a boy or girl. There’s something but it’s not based off of boy or girl. To me I’m just a person. Is that what it’s like? How does it differ from non binary as an identity? Thank you

normally i’d respond to this with some long-winded blabbering, but i just wrote another long-winded blabber of a post and am out of wind now, so… forgive me for keeping this (relatively) brief.

i think that you’ll find that many people, regardless of their gender, view themselves as “just a person” or “just themself”, so i personally don’t consider that to be something specific to maveriques. not everyone feels like their gender defines them in a way that stops them from being “just” themself, a person, and simultaneously a man, woman, agender person etc at the same time… in fact, i’d say that i’m “just” a person who’s simultaneously “just” a maverique, if that makes sense.

non-binary, as a specific gender, means different things to different people, so what it means to me may not be what it means to me. for you, non-binary may very well be what maverique is to me. i have no way of knowing, honestly. but to me, non-binary as a specific gender, is vaguer and more open-ended than maverique. stressing this again, but to me personally, it feels like it’s a gender defined solely by what it’s not (ie. “not binary”) without mention of anything more distinctive than that. it’s often considered by people to be “purposefully vague”, similar to genderqueer but not politically charged. and while people have made similar comment about maverique being defined by what it’s not, i’d argue that the definition of maverique is still much narrower. for me at least, it definitely feels like a snugger fit than non-binary. i embrace non-binary as a broader identity for myself, but it will never describe me as well as maverique does…

….which is probably not of much help to you as it’s not a concrete answer to your question. sorry. perhaps others have something they’d like to add?

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