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♫ RADWIMPS – 「光」 / “Hikari”

last month the popular Japanese band RADWIMPS released the music video for their song 「光」 / “Hikari” (”Light”) from their new album 「人間開花」 / “Human Bloom”. a song about love in the face of adversity, the music video features two women on an adventure called “love”.

translated lyrics below.

僕の日々に意味はないと 晴れた顔で笑う声や

My voice, as I laugh with a cheerful face, saying these days have no meaning—

僕は今も 君の中にいたりするかな なんてばかな

Wondering whether I still exist somewhere inside you— A story filled…

ことばかり 物語

…with nothing but foolish things.

正しい街に 正しい歌に やけに一人取り残されて

In a proper city, singing a proper song, I’m exceptionally alone… abandoned.

転げながら 抱き合いながら 壊したいな 君のことを

So while tumbling around, while embracing one another, I want to break you somehow—


And if I did, I wonder what you’d say.

笑いながら言うかな 「それ痛いの?」

Would you say, laughing, “Is that supposed to hurt?”

私たちは光った 意味なんてなくたって

Even if there was no reason for us to shine,

私たちは光った ゴミたちの木漏れ日で

We shone amidst light peering through all the garbage.

私たちは引っ張った 繋がれた首飾りを

We pulled at this necklace that keeps us chained together,

力まかせに今 夢まかせに ただ

But now we’re relying on brute force… we’re merely relying on dreams…

奇跡だけが起きる街で 僕ら出逢い恋をしたんだ

In a city where only miracles occur, we met and fell in love.

だから此処は 少しだけど 寂しすぎる 気がしてるんだ

That’s why I feel, this place is just a bit too sad—


I wonder what you think?

今すぐ逃げろう さもないと消える

Run away this instant! If we don’t, we’ll disappear.

信号はイエロー 瞬くは一等星

The signal is yellow… a first-magnitude star is flashing,


So on the count of three—

僕たちは光った 意味なんてなくたって

Even if there was no reason for us to shine,

私たちは引っ掻いた 泣き方もわからずに

We clawed ferociously, not even knowing how to cry.

私たちは光った  許されない 愛だけが

We shone — our intolerable love,

輝いてる空  瞬いてる ほら ほら

Is the only light shining in this sky. Can you see it twinkling? Can you see it?

(lyrics in 日本語, romaji and English can be found here.)

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