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hats. hats. hats.


…you know you have a problem when 3 out of the 4 hats that you own are exactly the same hat in exactly the same colors (black / gray / white) just in different patterns / materials.

to be fair, though, the latest (solid black) one was half the price of the others despite being the same brand and everything, so of course i’m going to buy it. i mean, solid black is my thing– if anything, you’d have thought it’d have been the first hat i’d have bought, right? hmph. ;(

more random thoughts about hats because i’m exceptionally longwinded tonight, apparently.

…is it odd that i only got into hats once my hair started falling into “wow, your hair’s long feminine!” category in people’s eyes? like, before that i never even really gave hats any thought. now it’s almost like i feel a need to wear a hat most of the time to offset the length of my hair. without the hat, people automatically view me as “feminine” regardless of whatever else i’m wearing, be it a tie or otherwise. with the hat– these hats in particular– it feels like the “femininity” that people project onto me is automatically countered to some extent or another, albeit with what people perceive to be “masculinity”, which is equally inaccurate to describe me.

….dare i say that these hats are like band-aids for the length & subsequent gendering of my hair which i otherwise have no control over at the moment? ah, but putting it that way detracts from the awesomeness that are these hats. still, i can’t help but wonder how much i’ll wear these hats when i do eventually have shorter hair…

mmm…. food for thought at 3-something in the morning.

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