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Q&A: “Can I be agender and maverique?”

anonymous said:

Can I be agender and maverique? Like “I’m an agender maverique” is that a thing? I’m so confused halp. ;^;

you are whatever you are, anon, and if that happens to be an agender maverique then you’re an agender maverique. it’s not a matter of something being a thing or not, it’s simply a matter of who you feel yourself to be. you know who you are and how you feel better than anyone else, so i encourage you to trust yourself no matter what others may say. your feelings of being agender and maverique are proof enough that yes, being an agender maverique is a thing because you are ‘a thing’. you exist and your feelings / experiences are valid, as are the words that you feel describes them best.

having said that, you may find it encouraging to know that you would not be alone in being maverique in addition to something else. check out the #multigender tag on @maveriques for a glimpse of questions that others have asked that you may (or may not) find relevant for you.

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