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#2016BestNine: Last Minute Selfie Positivity

with only one day left in 2016, it’s time for the annual end-of-the-year stuff zzz…

having had memory issues for forever, i’ve been journaling / archiving / etc stuff online since, well… 2002 when i created my livejournal account, i guess. New Year’s specific stuff started in 2007 with a questionnaire-type meme that i have done every year since to recap the outgoing year, followed years later by a year-end “photo dump” to summarize a year’s worth of photos in one place. this post is a more recent tradition courtesy of Instagram, but i don’t want to post this on IG, so here we are! again.

while i feel like 2016 hasn’t been a overly bad year for me personally, i also feel like the past two months have been such that they overshadow whatever else i am able to recall of 2016… sigh. it’s nice to have photographic proof that hey! i actually did shit those other 10 months of the year. like getting a new pair of glasses and random googles, apparently.

here’s hoping that this time next year i’ll be happier than i am at present. [x]

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