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Q&A: “i’m trans and there are a lot of times when i feel hopeless…”

anonymous said:

this sounds dumb but i really wonder about – i’m trans and there are a lot of times when i feel hopeless, like i will never be totally validated and accepted like cis people are even if i completely transition (sometimes i even wish i was cis so i wouldn’t have to deal with the things i feel). occasionally i wonder if maybe i really am faking it even though it’s been a couple years since i realized that being trans felt right. am i the only one who has these thoughts? am i faking it?

i can tell you with 100% certainty that you’re not the only one who has such thoughts and who feels this way at times, anon. it’s not at all uncommon to feel hopeless sometimes; to wish that you were like those around you who do not have to deal with the things that you’re dealing with; to question whether your feelings are even real at all let alone valid in the midst of a world that constantly tells you that they’re not.

anon, not only am i confident that you’re not alone in how you feel, i’m also confident that you’re not faking anything. i believe in you. i believe that you know better than anyone else could ever possibly know how you feel and who you know yourself to be. i know that it can be incredibly difficult at times, but i hope that in time you be able to believe in you too. <3

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