Q&A: “what do you think about asexuality and the LGBTQ community today?”

aro-probably-ace-ravenclaw said:

Hi, Vesper! As my url says, I’m somewhere in the ace spectrum. I saw your video about asexuality and the LGBTQ community, and I need to ask: what do you think about it today? Something change?


hi! thanks for watching the video and for asking.

while i would change some things about that video if i were to redo it today, the gist of what i said in those 16 minutes of blabbering remains true today and can be summarized by what i said @3:58:

my personal stance on [asexuals being part of the LGBTQ community] is that anyone who feels that they are queer, anyone who identifies with the word ‘queer’, anyone who identifies as being part of the LGBTQ community has every right to identify as such. and those who do not feel like they identify with such a community or that they want themselves associated with such a community– okay! that’s fine too.

the majority of the video was spent talking about how my personal experiences being in LGBTQ spaces / at LGBTQ events can make the connection that i feel with the LGBTQ community really complicated at times. that is as true today as it was back then if not even more so as i have a lot more experience now than i did back then.

actually, i had to go back and rewatch that video before responding to this ask because i honestly couldn’t remember what i’d even said in that video 3 years ago. upon doing so i cringed because, among other things, that video seems to have amassed 13k views somehow??? i hadn’t even noticed… i consider my older videos to be (especially) shitty, so i immediately felt a bit panicky that an old video like that one has so many views… but the opinion(s) that i expressed in that video are still true for me today, so i guess it’s not that bad? maybe. *fends off looming anxiety*

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