Feedback: “just found ur videos, thank u so much for speaking up on this stuff…”

anonymous said:

hey man, just found ur videos, thank u so much for speaking up on this stuff, so nice to see a nb agender person speaking on these issues. I’m just starting to figure out my identity, and honestly u have been such a blessing. ur lil white pet is p cute too, lil prickly hamster. honestly haven’t seen many voices that aren’t above like 25, and just knowing that u r nb, ace, and panrom is so relieving. so scared that this was just a phase. thanks again man, ur the best

thanks, anon, for watching and for going out of your way to send me this nice message. i’m not agender myself (i’m maverique), but being agender and / or non-binary, asexual and pan certainly isn’t something that one ‘grows out of’, even if something does happen to change for you or for me later in life. i’m more than happy to throw my voice out there, especially knowing that it means something to someone like you, anon, so thanks again.

p.s. Yuki, my hedgehog, is flattered by you mentioning him. 😉

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