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QAC 54 – Confusing Gender Envy & Admiration with Attraction || Non-Binary | Asexual

it’s come to my attention recently that some feelings that i assummed were attraction may have not been attraction at all, but rather “gender envy” or “gender admiration”– feelings of admiration or envy towards someone else’s gender be it their self-expression, gender identity, (lack of) gender roles or socially imposed gender norms– anything pertaining to a person’s gender. never heard of gender envy or gender admiration before…? i’m not surprised, since i just pulled the terms out of my ass for lack of a better way of referring to these gender feels that i’m attempting to navigate.

as someone who’s both non-binary and asexual i feel like both of these things have played a part in me mistaking gender envy / admiration for attraction. this is something that i’m just now beginning to give thought to, so please bear with me as i stumble around trying to talk about things. this video is me thinking aloud and inviting you to do the same. i’d love to hear any and all thoughts or experiences that you may have pertaining to this thing that hopefully isn’t just me being weird, as usual.

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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