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Q&A: “how can I tell my friend im ace she doesn’t really believe ace is real…”

Kat said:

Hi Kat again & thank u for responding & may I ask how can I tell my friend im ace she doesn’t really believe ace is real she’s accepting to most things but Idk if I should tell her cuz in a few days she’s taking me on blind date so I can get “laid”

there are lots different ways that you can come out to your friend, from sitting her down and having a serious conversation about it with her to waiting for the right opportunity in a conversation to just offhandedly mention it to coming out in an even more creative way. what would work best when coming out to your friend is up to you since you know your relationship with her better than anyone else.

as for whether or not to come out to her, if you don’t feel comfortable with coming out to her (be it right now or ever) then you definitely don’t have to. if going on a blind date isn’t something that you want to do, there are ways to tell her that without coming out to her. even if it’s just the intention of helping you “get laid” that bothers you, try telling her that. hopefully she’ll be understanding of your feelings and respect that that’s not something that interests you.

wishing you the best, Kat.

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