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Q&A: “I’ve recently been questioning my romantic orientation…”

anonymous said:

Hi, I’ve recently been questioning my romantic orientation. Mainly because I don’t really care what someone’s gender is… Like as long as you’re not a jerk I’m okay with you. For some reason I just don’t know if I’m actually Asexual Heteroromantic, like it’s typically the male gender that I want to have a romantic relationship with but I’ve felt that way about girls? What am I?! (Also I recently discovered your blog and I thinks it’s awesome.)

hello and thanks for following. 🙂

i’m afraid that i can’t tell you what you are. after all, there’s no way that i could know more about you than you know about yourself. that said, if you feel like you might be attracted to people of more than one gender (or any gender) then perhaps you are…? trust in your own feelings, but also keep in mind that it’s perfectly fine to just not know the answer to that question.

it’s worth noting that being attracted to more than one gender does not mean that you experience attraction in the same way or even to the same degree towards all of the genders you may be attracted to. it’s not uncommon for people who experience attraction to multiple genders (mga people) to be more attracted to a particular gender (or genders) than others. even the type of attraction itself can be differ from gender to gender.

figuring out out one’s attraction(s) can be really confusing and complicated in general and i’m afraid that that’s no less true when multiple genders may be involved. that said, take your time with it! no need to rush trying to work things out. just go with whatever feels right and know that you can always reevaluate and change things down the road if need be.

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