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Q&A: “…i’ve been thinking i may not be a lesbian but asexual…”

anonymous said:

For a while i considered myself a lesbian and now im “talking” to a girl and i’ve been thinking i may not be a lesbian but asexual. I mean there was a time where i didn’t like anyone romantically and sexually. Now this realization is making things really confusing for me and I mean I want to try a relationship with the girl Im talking to but things are just so confusing. Lmao sorry for bothering you about my problems but idk what to do??

you’re not bothering me, anon. no worries.

questioning can be really tough in general, but even more so when you’re in the middle of wanting to try having a relationship with someone. that said, questioning doesn’t have to stop you from going ahead and trying a to have a relationship if you don’t want it to. some may prefer to hold off on having a relationship to work out their own feelings first, but that’s not a requirement. if you talk to this person and tell her how you feel, the two of you can decide together if trying to have a relationship is something both of you want to do. after all, it takes more than one person to have a relationship in the first place and until you ask, you’ll never know whether she’s interested in trying to have a relationship with you.

i’d also like to throw out there that it’s possible to be both a lesbian and asexual– and even aromantic too, if you feel like that term describes your with romantic attraction (or lack thereof). there are lesbians within both the asexual and the aromantic community, so please don’t feel like being asexual means that you can’t continue to consider yourself a lesbian because you most certainly can. 🙂

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