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Q&A: “Can I be heterosexual but biromantic in this case?”

anonymous said:

Hii… Ummm I have a question. I’m a cis-woman. All my life, I identified as just being straight but for a couple of years now, I have found myself being attracted to several women who seem androgynous or more masculine presenting(?) Idk if this is a good description. Idk what to feel bc I’m not sure if I want to have sex with them but I am attracted to them? Can I be heterosexual but biromantic in this case? I’m so confused. I feel weird my feelings are all over the place.

hello. 🙂

there are certainly people who identify as biromantic heterosexual whose experiences are similar to yours, anon! having said that, i think you’ll also find that people with experiences which are similar to yours identify in all kinds of ways because there is no One True Way™ for anyone to identify.

for example, not everyone who identifies as bisexual does so based solely on who they want to have sex with. for some, “bisexual” describes who they’re attracted to in whichever way(s) they’re attracted to them. bisexuals do not necessarily experience attraction to all genders or people in the same way or to the same degree and there are definitely bisexual people whose experiences are similar to yours.

as i said, there really is no One True Way™ that you should identify. identify in whatever way feels most comfortable or ‘right’ to you, be it as biromantic heterosexual, bisexual, questioning, or anything else. know that whatever you do decide to identify as, you’re valid in doing so. the power is yours and yours alone.

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