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adventures in YouTube Space!

just got back from YouTube Space Tokyo where i attended a 5 hour intensive workshop on the basics of video production…!

for those who don’t know (and it seems like not many do), YouTube has created various resources and programs for youtubers (referred to as Creators) both offline and online with perhaps the biggest offline resource being access to YouTube Spaces located around the world. YouTube Spaces feature everything from state of the art recording studios, equipment and editing software to workshops and events. access to these resources is based on the number of subscribers your channel has and if you have over 1k subscribers, you’re welcome to attend certain workshops and events for free.

so that’s what i did.
this post will be photo heavy.

this was my first time visiting a YouTube Space so it was pretty exciting, especially since i’m such a Little YouTuber. it felt kind of surreal being in the same space that The Pros Big YouTubers use. of course i took a bunch of randomass photos because that’s what i do.

i was pretty nervous about the workshop because it’d be 5 hours long and in Japanese with a bunch of specialized words re: video editing that i wouldn’t be familiar with on top of not being fluent in Japanese anyway. in the end, it went alright and i learned a lot of words that’ll end up floating around in my head unused because i have no one to use them with even in English. ;(

the workshop itself was great. a small, intimate group of 10 people with a wide range of abilities, experience and channels. the biggest Big YouTuber there had 47k subs and the smallest Little YouTuber had 1k, so i felt a tad better being there. just a smidge. it was interesting to see how focused everyone there was on growing their channel and getting more subs since i don’t give a damn about that lol.

the best thing about the workshop was that it wasn’t just sitting there and watching a Power Point presentation, the presenter demonstrated a lot of things for us and even allowed us to be hands-on in trying out anything we wanted. there was also a lot of q&a time, which was helpful and allowed us to ask such things as how the fuck we could ever hope to replicate their studio lighting at home lol.

i will be honest, though, i was a little let down about one thing. i went to the workshop knowing that i’d already know a fair amount about some of the things that would be covered since i’m a photographer photography enthusiast and know a fair amount about working a camera and photography, much of which can be applied to video. i’d gone there hoping to learn at least a tad more about video editing in addition to lighting and audio recording, but sadly video editing wasn’t really touched on at all. oh well! just means that hopefully i’ll be visiting YST again sooner than later. i did learn some valuable things about lighting and audio, so i’m still really glad i went.

at the end of the workshop, they were nice enough to provide us with lots of food, some of which was even vegetarian-friendly. much appreciated. <3 there was also ample time to chat and network with the other participants. there was also time to play around in their (free) purikura photo booth…

so i did. my first and last ever purikura, wooooo.

so yeah, thank you, YouTube for the great day in Tokyo! hopefully i’ll have the chance to visit again soon.

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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