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Feedback: “Thank you so much for your “let’s talk” post because these are things…”

anonymous said:

Thank you so much for your “let’s talk” post because these are things I definitely have never thought about that way and you opened my eyes to that and I will try to keep all of it in mind. I also wanted to specifically thank you for writing it out in a post as well as having the youtube video because for me that’s a major accessibility thing and I never would have been able to comprehend it the same way by watching/listening to a video.

(re: this post)

no problem, anon! thank you for the feedback. 🙂

i’m trying to be more mindful of accessibility by adding captions to my videos (going to caption the latest video tonight or tomorrow), but at the same time i’m aware that even with captions a video can still be inaccessible or less accessible to people… plus some people just prefer text to video.

it’s a lot of work to do both video and text in addition to captioning so i don’t know if it’s something that i could consistently do, but when i am able to do it it’s totally worth the effort when i receive feedback like this. thank you. <3

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