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Q&A: “So I think that I’m aromantic?”

anonymous said:

So I think that I’m aromantic? Because like in all my 20 years of living I’ve never ever had any kind of crush or romantic feelings at all. The thing is, the idea of being in a romantic relationship sounds really nice to me. Is it possible to be aro but want to be in a romantic relationship? Like although I don’t get any kind of desire in regards to romance I still kinda want a relationship… I’m so confused

it most certainly is possible to be aromantic and to want to be in a romantic relationship.

while it is true that some aro people do not want to be in a romantic relationship, being aromantic is still by no means synonymous with not wanting to be in a romantic relationship. in my humble opinion, being aromantic in and of itself says nothing about the types of relationships one does or doesn’t want (if any). for that reason (among others), some aro and aro spectrum people identify as cupioromantic instead of or in addition to identifying as aro (spectrum). that might be something to look into, but again, identifying as aro and wanting to be in a romantic relationship is totally possible. in fact, i dare say that there are far more people who feel / identify in that way than you might think.

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