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Q&A: “What are your thoughts on the ‘ace discourse’?”

anonymous said:

Hi! I really like your blog, and I’ve seen a few of your videos, you’re really cool and you helped me a lot on understanding my identity. I wanted to ask you, but of course you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, what are your thoughts on the ‘ace discourse’?

hello and thanks for the kind words. 🙂

i’m going to be a bit pedantic and ask what exactly you’re referring to when you say ‘the ace discourse’ because i feel like this phrase is being used to refer to a lot of different (although related) stuff that’s been going on on Tumblr for a while now.

do you mean how some people insist that inclusion in ‘the LGBT community’ is based on oppression? that aces aren’t oppressed at all? that aces are oppressed, but not for being ace?

do you mean how some people insist that cisgender heteroromantic aces don’t belong in ‘the LGBT community’? that heteroromantic ace pride is like (heteroromantic) heterosexual pride? that ‘cishet aces’ shouldn’t identify as queer?

do you mean how some people insist that the word “allosexual” is problematic because asexuals aren’t oppressed by allosexuals? that ”allosexual” is racist, sexualizes LGB people, groups them with their oppressors, etc?

do you mean how some people insist that aces are ‘stealing’ LGBT resources? that aces are wrong for wanting sex education that is ace inclusive?

do you mean how some people insist that the split attraction model in and of itself is homophobic? that it automatically sexualizes LGB people? that it does more damage than good?

it’s all bullshit that i generally prefer not to involve myself in, honestly. 🙂

some links may contain triggering content, but all of them are ace positive and there should be no need to worry about running into unchallenged antiasexuality.

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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