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navigating trans misogyny in the Japanese lesbian community…


Accepting participants for the Ibaraki Lesbian Outdoor Meetup ★

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Women loving women, FtMs, non-binary people & those questioning, let’s relax and chat together!

However, this time only those who are registered as single and female on their family register are allowed, sorry. (Trying to gradually be a little more lax, but… ?)

….and THIS is why i almost always end up having to go all the way to Tokyo to participate in stuff, because the most (seemingly) active part of the LGBT community here (the lesbian community) is so goddamn transphobic. for the last two meetups, the OP was like “no trans women, sorry!” and that was the end of it. this time it doesn’t even mention trans women at all, only providing enough wiggle room for trans men and non-binary people provided they have “F” on their family register… am i or people like me supposed to be grateful???

and then there’s the only セクマイ / LGBT bar that i know of in the area that’s a lesbian bar which explicitly denies trans women entry.

i’m waiting for my cis lesbian friend to see this and message me about going, only for me to reply “nah” and for her to jokingly laugh off my reasons for not wanting to go. again. or maybe she won’t even bother contacting me this time because there’s always the same issue(s).

middle-of-no-where-Japan 田舎 fuckin life, yall.

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