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Re: QAC 51 – #ProudToBe Black Non-Binary Bi Pan AND Asexual

ah, i had the most amusing day today, getting notifications on my phone for the comments left on this video. i’m not even pissed off anymore, it’s now become hilarious. people are saying that 4chan is behind the spam / hate attack on the #ProudToBe spotlight / hashtag and somehow that just makes it even more hilarious to me.

i’m so amused that i felt like screencapping some of the 66 comments i’ve gotten on the video so far.

trigger warning for pretty much any and everything.

please respect your triggers. don’t read any further if you aren’t in a place where you can laugh at all this hate with me.

me: *every time i got a notification on my phone today*

this is when my apathy-fortified wall of No Fucks Given seems like a really awesome coping mechanism because it allows me to brush off / laugh off otherwise hurtful things, but there’s always something that reminds me that it’s not actually a good thing at all

even though i’m finding this incredibly amusing right now, i shouldn’t forget how much it pissed me off at first. i mustn’t forget the dismay and hurt that i’ve seen many others out there express upon seeing this spam / hate and it’d be incredibly shitty of me to not realize that this kind of thing could easily be the thing that pushes someone out there into a dark, dangerous place…

ahhh, now i’m pissed off all over again. GAH. feels.

before i retreat away to more episodes of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, i do want to thank everyone who’s left a positive comment and / or like on my video. even more thanks to those who’ve been responding to others’ comments for me. you really don’t have to do that, but thank you. <3

i’ll get off my tired ass and respond to the comments worth responding to at some point. after OitNB.

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