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QAC 50 – Biphobia x Non-Binary Erasure x Binarism || Bi Non-Binary People Exist

everyone experiences the intersection(s) of their gender and their sexuality in different ways, but i’ve seen little thought or attention given to how a biphobia affects bi non-binary people even within bi communities, despite the fact that non-binary erasure and binarism often occur hand-in-hand with biphobia.

in this video i give air to three (3) of my biggest frustrations or ‘pet-peeves’ regarding intersections of biphobia, non-binary erasure and binarism that i experience both within and outside of the LGBTQIA+ community.

========JUMP SPOTS ==========

@ 01:00 ~ 1. insisting on defining bi(sexuality) as attraction to both / two genders

hint: some bi people define their bi identity in this way and that is entirely valid, however these definitions are no longer the most common ones among bi people for reasons.

@ 03:55 ~ 2. claiming that bi(sexuality) is inherently binarist

hint: stop using the existence of non-binary people as a means of trying to invalidate bi people, meanwhile throwing bi non-binary people under the bus.

@ 07:11 ~ 3. claiming that bi people have “straight passing privilege”

hint: having your identity erased, ignored or denied is not a privilege; stop using homophobia as a means of measuring privilege and oppression.

======== REFERENCE LINKS ========

– “bi vs pan: what’s the difference?”
– “bi vs poly: what’s the difference?”
– “why do you identify as both bi & pan?”
– “possible reasons why someone might identify as both bi & pan”

there isn’t enough attention paid to or awareness of how biphobia uniquely affects bi non-binary people.

let’s change that.

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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