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Q&A: “…would it be correct to suppose that Maverique is on a spectrum of its own, with two opposite ends…?”

anonymous said:

Hey Vesper. I have a thought. What if Maverique is its own unique gender the way that the four temperaments are each distinct, being two pairs of opposites but not excluding the other pair. Like for instance sanguines are the opposite of melancholy, but that does not exclude the existance of cholerics and phlegmatics. Type A and Type B are not the only two personality types but they are opposites. Temperament is not a one-dimensional thing like a spectrum between two types.

To elaborate on my thoughts. If Maverique is a gender outside of the masculine-feminine spectrum, then would it be correct to suppose that Maverique is on a spectrum of its own, with two opposite ends, just like sanguine and melancholy temperaments are on a spectrum separate from Choleric and phlegmatic? The way I want to illustrate my supposition is as follows: let’s say that maverique is on a spectrum of white and black color, and masculine and feminine is red and blue.

If you are maverique then let’s say you are either completely on the black-and-white spectrum, being any shade of gray, or you are partially on the spectrum as well as having some color, i.e. having masculine and feminine gender as well. Let’s say clear color is neutrality. Am I correct in assuming that Maverique is on a spectrum of opposite feelings the way that masculine and feminine are opposites? What would the opposing feelings be like if I am correct?


hello. 🙂 sorry for taking so long to respond.

i’m afraid that i’m not familiar with the four temperaments at all, but i think i’ve got the gist of what you’re asking.

others may disagree or feel differently from me about this and that’s 100% okay. i welcome anyone reading this to add onto, common on or discuss this topic further preferably via reblogs, but anonymous asks also work for those who require / prefer anonymity.

having said that, i’m personally not a fan of linear spectrums. at all. i don’t personally view any gender (identity or expression) as having an “opposite”, including male and female, masculinity and femininity. in fact, not only do i not think of gender in that way, i actively reject the idea that these identities or forms of expression are inherently opposite one another in any way, regardless of what society says. similarly, i do not view maverique or maveriquinity as having an opposite and i’m also inclined to actively reject that idea, for myself at least.

to use a metaphor myself, in my humble opinion male, female and maverique, masculinity, femininity and maveriquinity are all independent, autonomous things similar to countries or planets. some people travel between two or more of them, some people simultaneously inhabit more than one of them and yet others inhabit spaces that aren’t any of those places– but there is nothing that makes one the opposite of another any more than there’s something that would make jupiter the opposite of the earth.

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