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Q&A: “have you read any books with non-binary characters in them?”

anonymous said:

Hey, Vesper, have you read any books with non-binary characters in them? I found several on amazon Kindle, which is super exciting, but I’m also kinda wary of them.

i’m afraid i haven’t had the time or energy to read much of anything for a long while now, so i haven’t read anything with non-binary characters in it apart from webcomics

i can’t personally vouch for the content of any of these lists, but perhaps these book lists from and the reviews on them will help you find quality books to read?

i totally understand being wary or apprehensive of reading anything with a supposed non-binary character in it. :/ i’d be inclined to research the book in question as thoroughly as i could before buying it to try and avoid any disappointment or frustration from poorly written/researched books or characters, but i know that finding reviews or information that actually pertain to what you’re concerned about isn’t always possible.

hope you can find some quality books that don’t disappoint you!

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