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Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2016: Asexual & Trans / Non-binary Awesomeness!

this year was the third consecutive year that myself and aces in the group that i somehow inadvertently and haphazardly manage walked in the Tokyo Rainbow Pride parade and it was the best year yet!

among the many awesome things that happened includes running into two of my Japanese ace Twitter friends who also walked in the parade this year and who were apparently so inspired by our signs last year that they made signs just like them!

also, thanks again to Nijiiro Komachi’s awesomeness, it was so much easier to show one’s ace (and non-binary, etc) pride! which in turn not only helped raise awareness about asexuality (and gender diversity), it helped increase visibility and made it easier for aces and non-binary people to find each other! during the parade, i was even able to spot a few onlookers who had ace flags.

after the parade, the most awesome thing happened when some of my trans / non-binary friends from another group that i’m a part of joined up with me and my ace friends for pizza and cake. sometimes it feels like i’m living two separate lives because the ace part of my life and the non-binary part of my life feel so mutually exclusive at times, so it really meant a lot when those two lives collided spectacularly like they did. 🙂

here’s hoping that year four will be even better.

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