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pre-Tokyo Rainbow Pride stuff

Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2016 is just under a week away, so i’m going to take this opportunity to throw out some random info for anyone in the Tokyo / Kanto who’s going this year.

just like every year, there’s a lot of stuff going on during “Rainbow Week”, the week leading up to the main events which are the Festa on Saturday, May 7th and the Festa + Parade on Sunday, May 8th. see the TRP website for details on all the events going on.

Sat. May 7th

10:00am ~ ??? – Tokyo Rainbow Pride FESTA
lots of booths, food, music & performances in Yoyogi Park.

12:00pm ~ 2:00pm – huge annual LGBTQIA (gaijin) picnic
Stonewall Japan & the Tokyo LGBTQIAP+ Meetup Group will be hosting another joint picnic. if you aren’t a member of either of these groups, contact me for more information.

7:00pm ~ 11:00pm – “Critical Compassion: Using our Stories to Build Empathy and Loving Communities”
from the event description: “A brief video called “Okaeri” featuring a gathering of Nikkei LGBTQ individuals in the U.S. will first be screened. This will be followed by a panel discussion and workshop-style activities that will allow us to share our thoughts, critical observations, and experiences in order to collectively consider the best ways to go about building compassionate communities that are friendly to all.” the event will be in English and Japanese.

Sun. May 8th

9:00am ~ ??? – Tokyo Rainbow Pride FESTA
lots of booths, food, music & performances in Yoyogi Park.

10:30am – ace meetup
aces will be meeting up to check out Pride and prep for walking in the parade. if you’d like to join in, contact me! walking in the parade is optional, of course.

12:00pm ~ 3:30pm – Tokyo Rainbow Pride PARADE
~3km parade through the streets of Shibuya/Harajuku.

4:00pm(?) ~ ??? – ace hangout away from Pride
after the parade we’re thinking of going elsewhere so that those not interested in / unable to go to Pride can still join in. we might go to the LGBTQ cafe Gossip, to some random animal cafe– who knows, we’ll decide based on how people feel at the time. contact me if interested!

i’ll be at Pride / in Tokyo both Saturday and Sunday, so if you’re around and would like to meetup or something, feel free to contact me. i’ll be all over the place, but we’ll find each other somehow. 🙂


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