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Q&A: “What is the difference between maverique and aporagender?”

anonymous said:

Hi! What is the difference between maverique and aporagender? Thanks!

i’m going to copy and paste the answer to this because i’m especially low on time and energy today. sorry, anon!

What’s the difference between aporagender and maverique? They seem similar.

Aporagender and maverique are similar. In fact, they were coined around the exact same time by two different people. What a coincidence! However, according to the coiner of aporagender, aporagender can be used as an umbrella term. It can potentially encompass many genders, whereas maverique is a single, specific gender.

That, in my opinion, is the biggest difference between aporagender and maverique.

check out the FAQ page of @maveriques where you might find answers to other questions you have. my (and @maveriques‘) askbox is always open, though, if you still have questions. 🙂

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