Q&A not Q&A: “what if ruby and sapphire (and garnet) from su are all bisexual and maverique?”

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hear me out: what if ruby and sapphire (and garnet) from su are all bisexual and maverique? ✨ (i wanna know what you think bc people are acting shady towards me for this and it upsets me)


sounds like a really awesome headcanon to me! 🙂

however, i’m not surprised that people are acting shady towards you, sadly… from what i’ve seen / heard, SU fans can be incredibly hostile when it comes to headcanons re: the gems’ gender(s) and sexuality(/ies).

i myself am not really into fandom (the hostility prevents me from enjoying it at all), but i personally prefer to think of the gems as existing without genders or sexual orientations because:

  1. unlike human society, gem society does not have the social construct of gender to begin with? imho, gender is assigned to them by humans (because humans insist on gendering everyone & everything) and the gems just go along with it because gender doesn’t even concern them.
  2. unlike humans, gems do not sexually reproduce or have sexual intercourse at all, so imho they wouldn’t have sexual orientations?, which is yet another uniquely human concept.

unlike some SU fans, however, i still think your headcanon is awesome and will support you in it. i mean, how could i not? bi and maverique characters– that’s representation that i very much need and want. ;(

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