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Q&A: “i have a question if i’m agender and i like cis girls and genderqueer people…”

anonymous said:

Eyy, i have a question if i’m agender and i like cis girls and genderqueer people… What’s my sexual orientation?

yeaaah, putting a name to one’s orientation does get complicated when non-binary people are involved, doesn’t it? that said, i’m afraid i can’t tell you what your sexual orientation is. that’s something that you’ll have to decide.

there are non-binary and/or agender people who are attracted to girls and genderqueer people who identify as bi since bi is defined as attraction to two or more genders, but there are also non-binary and/or agender people who experience similar attraction but don’t identify as bi.

what matters most is what word / identity feels “right” to you. whatever word / identity that may be, try running with that and see how it feels. you can always change it if it doesn’t feel right. 🙂

sidenote: i’m assuming you have reasons for specifying cis girls, but your ask comes across as trans misogynistic. if your reason is genitalia or something, it would be better for you to straight up say that you like girls with X/Y/Z or girls who don’t have X/Y/Z etc etc rather than excluding all trans girls based on assumptions about their genitalia.

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