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Q&A: “the thing about defining the community based on oppression is that…”

anonymous said:

the thing about defining the community based on oppression is that like, none of us can even really compare our oppression to trans women/transfeminine ppl (and more specifically trans WOC). transmisogyny is significantly more oppressive and violent than any homophobia, biphobia, a-phobia, etc that cis people, regardless of sexuality, face. If a line is going to be drawn based on “how oppressed are you”, then it makes no sense to lump, idk, cis white gay guys in with twoc IMHO.

Any non-cishet person who doesnt experience transmisogyny and tries to say that ace people arent oppressed enough to be in ‘the community’ is directly comparing their own oppression to that of trans women of color which is really inappropriate imho. IDK just my two cents on the matter.

(re: this post)

i get the point you’re making, but i’m not really comfortable with how it’s being made because it feels like participating in the Oppression Olympics purely for the sake of making a point, which i personally wouldn’t do and don’t recommend anyone else do.

that aside, your argument is being made from a very ethnocentric point of view… it’s a huge overgeneralization to say that ‘trans misogyny is more oppressive and violent than any homophobia / biphobia / a(ce)phobia / etc that cis people, regardless of sexuality, face.’

homophobia in America is not homophobia in Uganda etc.
trans misogyny in Japan is not trans misogyny in Brazil etc.

not only is such a statement overgeneralizing, it inadvertently makes light of some people’s experiences while at the same time painting everyone’s experience with trans misogyny / homophobia / etc in one light.

it’s best to steer clear of generalized direct comparison of oppression, violence, etc all together, in my humble opinion. comparison of any kind can not only be inappropriate but also insensitive. even the indirect comparisons i just made.

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