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Q&A: “does maverique feel fixed and unchanging and exactly the same sensation to the same degree every day…”

Leo said:

I wanted to ask, does maverique feel fixed and unchanging and exactly the same sensation to the same degree every day or is it multifaceted with many qualities that shift up and down in intensity to reflect your inner feelings from day to day? [1]

But it never feels like a different gender from one day to the next, it is just more shiny or soft or open or big or loud because of how you’re feeling inside? Like a person can be quiet, energetic, solemn, shy, angry etc from day to day [2] but their identity as the same person is consistent over time. My understanding of maverique is that it’s very clearly unrelated to the gender binary, removed entirely from that concept, full of inner conviction and essentially my gender=me. [3] I hope that I’ve made some sense. It was a lot to try and fit into one ask so it’s spread across a few and I hope that’s OK. Thank you for reading this. – Leo ( @leo-blogs ) [4]

hi! sorry for the slow reply.

i love the way you worded your question. 🙂 honestly, i’ve gotten the impression that everyone experiences their gender that way, to some extent or another…? except that in the case of multigender people, their gender itself also changes.

perhaps i’m wrong. obviously i can’t really speak for anyone else but myself, so perhaps i’m overgeneralizing…. but i think that the intensity or loudness or awareness etc of one’s gender (or sense of gender) has the potential to fluctuate, even if their gender itself doesn’t?

ahhhh, this is a really great topic you’ve brought up and i really love the way you worded it. it’s definitely a topic that i’d like to explore more in depth in the future. thank you so much for bringing it up. 🙂

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