Q&A: “what are the qualifications to classify yourself as an asexual?”

anonymous said:

This may be a stupid question to ask, but what are the qualifications to classify yourself as an asexual? I think I may be one, but then again I do have my doubts and other people say I’m not, but I’m just not sure. Thanks if you can answer this, sorry if I’m a bother

hi, anon. this isn’t a stupid question, nor are you a bother. 🙂

there are no “qualifications” as such, all that really matters (in so far as i’m concerned) is that identifying as asexual feels right for you.

the most common definition of asexuality is experiencing sexual attraction towards no one, at least in part because many asexual people feel like that describes them. however, that isn’t the only way to come to identify as asexual and it certainly doesn’t describe everyone who is asexual.

the determining factor to whether you’re asexual or not is how you feel. if you feel like asexual describes you, then go with it. if you think it might but aren’t sure, perhaps try the identity on for size for a little while while you do more research / introspection. see how it makes you feel to identify as asexual and go from there, discarding or keeping the identity as you see fit.

either way, other people have no real say in who you are. you know who you are, not them, and they shouldn’t be policing your identity.

all the best, anon.

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