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Q&A: “How do you know you’re maverique?”

anonymous said:

How do you know you’re maverique? Because I don’t know how to have a sense of this gender nor do I have anyone to talk to about.

hi, anon. 🙂 i think this post pretty much answers your question, but also check out this post where i respond to someone else who is trying to get a sense of their own gender.

i know it can be really tough not having anyone to talk to about something like this, but you’re not alone! i know that talking to strangers on the internet isn’t the same as actually sitting down and talking to someone, but the internet can still be a great place to start meeting people with whom you can talk to about something like this. hell, you’re already here talking to me about it. 🙂 i’m more than happy to lend a ear and help if i can, be it publicly like this or privately.

either way, wishing you the best on your journey of self-discovery, anon.

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