Q&A: “what is the difference between bisexual and polysexual?”

anonymous said:

what is the difference between bisexual and polysexual? whenever i ask this i get a wishy-washy answer and I am hoping you can clear this up for me? thanks.

hi, anon. may i recommend checking out my bi vs poly tag? you’ll find more in-depth answers to your question there.

the short answer is that being bi and being poly means different things to different people. common definitions of the two are:

bi: attraction to two or more genders.
poly: attraction to multiple, but not necessarily all, genders.

there can be and often is overlap between these two identities. again, please see my bi vs poly tag for more about that.

that said, chances are high that you’ve in fact already come across similar responses to your question before and that you will consider my response to be as “wishy-washy” as the rest. i say this because in my experience in answering questions like this, the person asking the question always wants me to draw a clear-cut line between bi and poly, which i refuse to do. which for some reason bothers the asker. *shrugs*

i hope this helps answer your question, anon, but if it doesn’t for the above reason, i’m totally not sorry for that. 🙂

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