Q&A not Q&A: “could that monosexual/allosexual argument be compared to colorism?”

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im whiteish so i dont feel comfortable speaking on this as if i know it personally but could i ask you… could that monosexual/allosexual argument be compared to colorism? like for example a lighter/paler person of X race is going to be oppressed on basis of race, but that doesnt stop them from being able to oppress a darker person of the same race. or lateral oppression between races, like if a black person and an east asian person call each other racial slurs it’s not like thats NOT racism…

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going to avoid discussing who has the potential to oppress who and all discussion of oppression in general that may lead to an Oppression Olympics, but…

colorism is most certainly a thing, especially in the black community which is really the only community that i can speak personally of.

imho, the trend of saying “if it’s not institutionalized / if the people in question do not have power in some way, your word isn’t valid!” that i mentioned in the other post is most certainly also happening within the black community.

without a doubt in recent years i’ve seen black people arguing that black people can’t be racist “because we don’t hold power over others!”, “because racism is institutionalized!” and “black people can be prejudiced but not racist!” with increasing frequency.

as if institutionalized racism is the only “real” form in which racism takes.
as if something has to be institutionalized in order to fulfill the requirement of The One True Definition™ of racism.

this totally mirrors some of the arguments that people are making against usage of the words monosexual and allosexual in the ace, bi and LGBTQIA communities.

and it really bothers me. dealing with this specific discourse in several different communities at the same time– it’s really fucking exhausting. it’s why i usually just grit my teeth and remain silent about this kind of thing. hell, me voicing my opinion like this about the potential for black people to be racist can easily get me a lot of hate from other black people…

sometimes for my own mental well-being it’s best to overlook things that bother me, to remain silent or to at least limit what i say. sigh.

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