Q&A: “how is maverique distinct from genderqueer/non-binary…”

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Hi, Vesper! Please, be aware that I often struggle to accurately express myself (b/c autism+), but my request is for help with self-education re: gender. I have trouble reading/parsing academic/jargon-heavy texts, but I want to understand gender variances, esp. non-binary. (e.g., how is maverique distinct from agender?) It’s all very confusing, and I fear many transgenders will hate me b/c I’m cisgendered, b/c the things I see on my dash re: cishate are scary… I just want to understand. T^T

Oh, crap, I meant to ask how maverique is distinct from genderqueer/non-binary. I found out on the gender wiki, though, that both non-binary and genderqueer are umbrella terms, so… I feel like I’m making an ass of myself. I think that I’ll probably never understand because I don’t have the same struggle, but I’d like to try.

hi! don’t worry, you’re not making an ass of yourself. gender is a really complex and difficult thing to understand for anyone.

yes, both genderqueer and non-binary are umbrella terms used to describe someone whose gender is neither male nor female. in addition to that, both genderqueer and non-binary can also be gender identities in and of themselves. it’s similar to how some people identify as queer, a more broad and open-ended identity, rather than as gay, bi, etc. genderqueer and non-binary are also broad, open-ended identities. not everyone wants to or is able to summarize their gender identity with a single, more specific word.

both agender and maverique are non-binary genders as neither of them are male nor female.

agender means different things to different people, but generally (very generally) speaking agender is often described as either a neutral gender or as being without gender altogether (ie. being genderless).

maverique, on the other hand, is not a neutral gender nor an absence of gender. while an agender person might feel indifferent (or neutral) about the whole topic of gender or they might not be able to relate to discussions of gender at all because gender isn’t something that they identify with, a maverique would probably feel the opposite of that. maveriques have a gender, one that is not neutral even though it is also not male nor female. it is a gender that is 0% male, 0% female, 100% something else entirely**, that “something else” being maverique.

i’m sorry if that doesn’t help you understand the difference at all. maybe think of it like this with an agender person possibly responding to the same question with “what? no? why are you asking me that??”

**that said, there are multigender maveriques for whom maverique is only part of their gender identity.

edit: also, the correct words to use are “transgender people” rather than “transgenders” and “cisgender” rather than cisgendered (same for “transgender” rather than “transgendered”).

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