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QAC 43 – Coming to Terms w/ Depression & Anxiety | Mental Health

my journey to self-awareness and self-acceptance regarding the state of my own mental health has been a long one. 15-some-odd years i’ve been struggling with persistent depression and social anxiety and my journey is far from over.

in this video i talk about how i went for over a decade without even knowing what “mental health” even was and how i’ve struggled going from that to where i am today, having finally accepted my mental health for what it is. i also briefly mention how the intersectionality of race, sexuality and gender factored into my struggle with mental wellbeing.

for those who’d prefer to read most of what was said here, check out this Tumblr post:

the video ended up being fairly long, but oh well. i’m glad i wrote most of it out and posted it to Tumblr first then sat on it for weeks. made talking about this topic in front of a camera a lot easier.

will add English captions within the next few days.

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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