Q&A not Q&A: ” Aporagender is an appropriative term used/coined by white people…”

anonymous said:

On the aporagender topic. Aporagender is an appropriative term used/coined by white people who were sad they couldn’t use the term third gender. I’d advise you to use maverique, which is basically the same, but coined by a PoC and thus not appropriative.

dear anon,

care to explain what, exactly, is being appropriated by aporagender? the word itself isn’t appropriative, so what is it that’s being appropriated? do you seriously think that people of color are the only people who have the right to coin words for their own gender if it happens to be completely outside of the male-female binary??

also, you do realize that “third gender” is a word coined and used by white colonialist and anthropologists to indiscriminately and non-consensually label the genders of non-white people that they deemed “deviant” from “the norm”? that “third gender” itself is a white colonialist term, not a ‘POC term’?? yes, it’s a word that imho white people shouldn’t be using, but it isn’t the POC term that you seem to think it is.

also also, do not use a person’s race as a weapon against someone else’s identity. you may not be aware of it, but that is what you are doing. pitting my blackness against someone else’s whiteness as a means to justify one word over another. that is not okay, i don’t care if you’re POC yourself or not.

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