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Q&A not Q&A: “…the first definition of [aporagender] was literally “same as third gender but white people can use too”…”

anonymous said:

Not trying to start an argument by any means, but I think the reason that person said aporagender (I’ve probably spelt that wrong) is racist, is because the first definition of it was literally “same as third gender but white people can use too” or something along those lines, which some see as racist, because something that’s the same as third gender, considering the terms history, shouldn’t be for white people. Sorry if this sounded argumentative thats not my aim at all ?

having kept a watchful eye on the term aporagender pretty much since around the time of its coinage (because it was in fact coined around the exact same time that i coined maverique) i can safely say that i have never seen the word defined nor described in that way. as such, i am extremely skeptical that that is the reason why the anon is accusing aporagender of being racist.

in fact, i am much more certain that both you and the anon as well as many others are continuously confusing aporagender with aliagender, a word that was coined before either aporagender or maverique, but which has since declined in usage. throughout its history, aliagender was accused of being a “whitewashed third gender” largely because of the reason(s) behind its coinage and how it was worded at times. there was a huge debate about this involving lots of posts about the word’s coinage that i read years ago but cannot find now, but anyone interested may want to check out this post at least. it’s no doubt that that debate and the accusations involved played a part in aliagender falling out of use.

for the record, i’d also like to point out  aliagender described a gender that is markedly different from maverique anyway. i’d say it’s different from aporagender as well except that i’m not as confident when it comes to defining a word that i do not myself identify as and had no hand in coining.

i really wish that people would take the time to research words and their history thoroughly before jumping on the “…but POC!!”, “…but appropriation!!” bandwagon. these really are heavy accusations that some people keep throwing around seemingly to try and make themselves feel more informed and aware than they actually are… no offense, anon.

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