Q&A: “Can nonbinary lesbians be monosexist?”

anonymous said:

Can nonbinary lesbians be monosexist? I’m bisexual and I used the term monosexual during a conversation with someone I’ve been seeing and they were not happy about it. They identify as genderqueer and a lesbian and said that the term monosexual limits who can identify as a lesbian and ignores nonbinary folk. I don’t feel like they were being monosexist but were they? I feel the term is useful but they had very valid points.

monosexism, in short, is the belief that monosexualities (ie. heterosexuality and homosexuality) are the only “true” or “legit” sexualities. e.g. the belief that non-monosexuals (bisexuals, pansexuals, polysexuals etc) are “really just either straight or gay.”

literally anyone of any sexuality or gender could hold such beliefs, so literally anyone could potentially be monosexist.

however, your friend taking issue with the term monosexual (as some people do for various reasons) and saying that it limits who can identify as a lesbian and ignores non-binary people is simply them voicing their opinion/feelings about the term, which they are absolutely entitled to do, of course. there is nothing monosexist about what they said, imho.

now as for my own personal opinions about the points that they made… mmm, i’ll save that for another time.

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