Q&A: “Bisexism is the discriminating views of bisexuals against monosexuals…”

anonymous said:

“Bisexism is the discriminating views of bisexuals against monosexuals. Bisexists believe that limiting oneself to only one gender or sex is forced and discriminative, and due to social conditioning rather than free thought. ” Thoughts?

this is the first time i’ve ever heard of the term “bisexism”. my initial thoughts are:

why is this even being called “bisexism”? is it because the coiner of this word thinks that only bi people could hold such views? is it because the coiner thinks that bi people are the only people attracted to more than one gender? is it just because the coiner happened to encounter people who were bi who held such views? seriously, why are bi people the ones being called out for this? as if others aren’t capable of holding the ignorant views that are being referred to as “bisexism”.

if someone wants to argue for the word “multisexism” in response to monosexism, i can’t say that i’m surprised in the least. nor can i say that such a word sits right with me for various reasons that i won’t go into at the moment as i do not feel like walking into a minefield right now.

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