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2015 in selfies

as 2015 comes to an end, it’s time for my annual photo dump. i usually post my annual photo dump elsewhere on the web (i have far too many blogs), but as i was tagged on here by @bi-gray, i figure i’ll post the selfie portion of it on this blog for once. i am going to ignore the rules of the Tumblr meme, though, and post more than 6 photos. i also won’t be tagging anyone because i suck at that. instead, i welcome everyone to take the chance to reflect upon the past year through selfies or photos in general. 🙂

for me, 2015 was a year of working on my left sleeve (which took 9 months to complete), parking myself in various cafes for hours, doodling random stuff, embracing smartphone photography à la Instagram and continuing to learn more about myself while learning to be proud of who i am.

2015 wasn’t a bad year, i guess. here’s hoping that 2016 will be better.

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