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QAC 42 – Yokohama Rainbow Festa + Tokyo Meanderings | Tag Along

Yokohama recently hosted its first Pride event, Yokohama Rainbow Festa! i decided to go and bring you all along for the fun. 🙂 it’s super rare that i find things for ace, non-binary and other lesser-known orientations at a Pride event,  especially in Japan, but this year i found quite a bit made by local artists.

after Yokohama i headed to Tokyo where i met a new friend and fellow non-binary ace. we had yummy vegan food before heading to Shibuya where things got a bit…. Halloween-mob-crazy. Only In Tokyo, i swear.

the video is long, but there’s a 14hr day crammed into those 17mins. 😛

obviously this jvlogger type of video is outside the norm for this channel, but if you like what you see give it a thumbs up! literally 2 full days worth of work went into this video, so this wont ever become a regular thing, but if you’d like to see more let me know!

for anyone interested in seeing a glimpse of Japan.

also, i (legally) used copyrighted music in this video for the first time, which apparently makes the video not available everywhere. sorry if that affects you, but it’s so worth it for me because this is like the only video on my channel that i can rewatch and enjoy without lots of dysphoria. ;(

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