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comments on my “QAC 36 – What Acephobia & Asexual Erasure Looks Like” video.

had ignored this user’s original comment on my “QAC 36 – What Acephobia & Asexual Erasure Looks Like” video for weeks but couldn’t let it go uncommented on any longer after waking up to their most recent comment. i’m sick with a cold and unable to even think clearly, so it’s likely that i flew off the handle or said something in a way that could have been said better, but i tried. really am too sick and tired and anxious in general to deal with shit like this….

and while i obviously made no effort to hide the names of the users who commented (i mean, the comments are public and easily findable on the video anyway), i’m not posting this here for anyone to attack the commenter. please don’t, although you’re free to join in on the convo if you want. i’m 100% done with it.

…now to take some dayquil and drag myself to work.

hope everyone in The States is having a nice T-day… _| ̄|○

edit, the next day: 

as predicted, the person responds by acting like they’re taking the moral high road by ‘trying’ to understand me while at the same time not listening at all, making me out to be the angry black person who’s too emotional to express themself clearly. that if i’d just calm down and try to “connect with people” by expressing myself in a way that’s ‘reasonable’ (ie. if i’d just calm down and say what they want me to say) then i’d be understandable and we could ‘all get along’, but seeing as how i can’t do that they’re going to tell me how i feel and what i want because they know better than i do.

how many times have i seen people, specifically white people, respond in this way when it comes to anything intersectional involving race?? too many times to count.

this is why sometimes i do not even bother discussing things like this and why i will not be engaging in conversation with this person any further.

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