Q&A: “does agender not fall under the non-binary umbrella?”

anonymous said:

This is more of a clarification question. Usually I see articles and posts say non-binary, but sometimes I see agender intentionally separated, so does agender not fall under the non-binary umbrella? Thanks!

it depends on who you ask.

generally speaking, agender is usually included as part of the “non-binary umbrella” as a gender that is not binary. that said, some agender people define their identity as being non-participatory of gender as a social identity system or as genderless. because of that, they may choose to separate themselves and/or their identity from the non-binary umbrella/community because associating with the non-binary community:

  1. suggests that their identity as agender is a gender– a non-binary gender –rather then a complete lack of gender
  2. is participating in gender, which they do not want to do

does that make sense…? ^^; the non-binary community at large tends to include agender people, but some agender people choose to disassociate their identity or themselves from the non-binary umbrella/community.

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